Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this unique idle/clicking game mashup! Train, upgrade and manage your army to prepare for waging endless battles in the War Zone. Focus on becoming the most renowned Warlord and provider of arms or chase glory on the battlefield as you climb military ranks!

The game starts off in Boot Camp where you focus on building a powerful army. Unlock new units, upgrade their production, deploy units off to battle in exchange for attracting dirty army contractors that will super-size your production! Best of all, you can amass trainers that will do all the work for you, even while you're away.

And once you're ready, head off to the War Zone where you will fight battles for glory... and loot! All that precious gold you can gather via various activities and completing missions, will provide you that extra boost to your Boot Camp production as well as improve the strength of your army.

But to really stand out from rest of the competition, you will have to collaborate with your countrymen in invasions where you destroy enemy bases to get massive war spoils! If you are focused on chasing that glory as a hero or care more about your renown in the world, there's plenty of options that are presented to you during the game to differentiate from others and focus on your priorities!



What is the meaning of War Zone and Boot Camp?

War Zone and Boot Camp are completely different worlds connected with each other. War Zone world is active part of the game where you fight in battles to gain BattleStars, beat your enemies and reach higher rankings. It requires a lot of your attention to progress.
Boot Camp is a passive part of the game, where you progress even while you're away, not playing the game. When you get back into a game it calculates how much PowerPoints your troops made while you were away. So, upgrade your units wisely to optimize your Boot camp as much as you can to gain the most PowerPoints out of it.

Keep in mind that both worlds are connected with each other. While you are training your soldiers/units, your PowerPoints are rising, meaning that your trained units are getting stronger and stronger day by day. Once you’ve Trained your units in Boot Camp, you need to send/Deploy your Troops to War Zone to help you while fighting. To be able to use your progress in Boot Camp you can use function Convert (two times a day). There are different strategies to use in both worlds, especially how you decide to use the parts that connect to shape your gameplay!

What are the various War Clicks's game currencies?

Power Points

Main currency in Boot Camp, defines your current progress and power of your units trained. PowerPoints can be used to hire trainers, to buy upgrades or simply to buy more units in Boot Camp.

Battle Stars

Main currency in War Zone with which you can buy upgrades to destroy units faster. Battle Stars can be spent inside the Army Setup section for different types of upgrades.

How to collect BattleStars?
BattleStars can be collected by reaching specific limits of the game (to get more details check your Achievements) or by participating in Country Invasion.


War Clicks is a highly competitive game and your score is a reflection of how powerful you are. Winning wars is not just about fighting, so Score is a representation of your overall strength/progress. Ranking high in Score can help you rake rewards from weekly competitions as well as just serve as bragging rights!

It is calculated as:

Score = (damage_done_in_warzone * score_multiplicator_from_bootcamp) + score_from_convert + score_from_pvp_battles

score_multiplicator_from_bootcamp = SquareRoot(log10(Total Power Points produced))
* Total Power Points produced are reset on army privatization, so your multiplicator will temporarily drop, and with it overall score.


Game's premium currency. Can be used in both worlds – Boot Camp & War Zone to buy important upgrades and boosts.

How to collect more Gold?

  • Destroy Strong Bosses
  • Collect Daily Reward in War Zone
  • Collect occasional Gold drops when fighting battles>
  • Complete Daily Missions
  • Complete Daily Tasks
  • Watch videos in War Zone
  • Spin the Wheel
  • Improve Renown in Boot Camp
  • Fight in Country Invasion – ‘Break the line’
  • Complete different simple tasks/ watch videos – Free Gold Icon (near video bonus icon) – read more about free gold

These are all different ways of gaining free Gold within game. Bigger amounts of Gold can be gained inside the Shop – there are different types of Gold Packages offered. In case you need a bigger amount of Gold to be able to buy some valuable products (ex.: Time Warp, 3x DPC) , go to the Shop and get yourself the best Gold Package.

Why should I try to gain more Gold?
Gold can improve your playing experience quite a lot, not only with the products that are based on faster progression through the game, but also with game customization. By obtaining sufficient amount of Gold, you’ll be able to spend it to customize your character (Profile) with some unique elements. You’ll be able to change the background of the game in both worlds (Boot Camp & War Zone) + new stuff coming soon! …and there are special Shop Items that you can spend your Gold on, such as Time Warp – that helps you whenever you feel like you’re stuck in Boot Camp and want to progress immediately – with that product you are able to warp into the future from 3 hours to up to 4 days(depends on the product you buy) and lots more.. Read more about other Shop Products under the tab ‘Other’ (at the top of this page).

Pvp Point

Currency that can be collected via PvP battles in War Zone (every 10th battle in War Zone is a PvP battle). PvP points can be spent in Army setup – (PvP section) to train your land/sea/air units and become stronger in PvP battles. For every PvP battle completed (regardless of losing or winning) you are rewarded with 1 PvP point.


Unit cycle

Cycle needs to fill up, to give you all Production value of specific units in some time. In other words, with every single cycle completed you gain Power Points – power that has been generated in specific time to make your army stronger. You can later Convert PowerPoints directly into Score or to BattleStars.

Production/Cycle value

A sum of PowerPoints you gain once cycle is finished.

Reduce cycle time

By reaching some milestones or by buying upgrades in Boot Camp you are able to reduce timing of your cycle by X-times (ex.: Reduce cycle time of x unit x2).

Buy 1x/10x/100x/MAX/OCD

Buy specific amount of units button can be found in Boot Camp to help you customize buying units, neither to buy just single unit, neither to buy in bulk. It helps you to save some time. War Clicks is one of the rarest games in the idle/clicker industry that also offers players an “OCD option” of buying more units – by using this option you’ll always buy an amount of units needed till next milestone (ex.: 1346 Assault Vehicles are under your command, by using OCD option you’ll be able to buy 54 more Vehicles; assumption: enough PowerPoints on your balance, next Milestone is on 1400)


To automate/optimize your progress of single unit you can hire Trainers (by spending PowerPoints), to help you train units faster than you can. Trainers are working/training your army to prepare them for battles also when you're away, so make sure to come back often, to check how much they’ve much PowerPoints you gained via their help in your absence. You can also invest further in their specialization for a small Gold fee. It will skyrocket the production of the units they are in charge of!

Specialized Trainers

Every specific Trainer has even more to show off with – You can choose to specialize your Trainer on a specific field to train your units using tougher trainings to increase production of specific unit by X %, depending on the level of expertize. Specialzed Trainers can be hired with Gold and added you different Multiplicative Bonuses depending on their Level of expertise:

Specialized Trainer: PVT. ‘’GRUMPY’’ SANDERS
1st level of upgrade: Increases production of (specific unit) by 1,5X
2nd level: Increases production of (specific unit) by 2X
3rd level: Increases production of (specific unit) by 3X
Total Multiplicator on Specific Unit: 1,5 x 2 x 3 = 9

Be careful and try to hire Specialzed Trainers only when it is necessary, because their bonuses are removed by deploy or bribe).

More info on trainers:


Tons of Investors are looking for potential Boot Camp to invest in – to make sure you are serious they require a Gold fee to join your cause and support your endeavor. Once they join your cause, they will add massive boosts on every Army contractor you own! Investors stay with you for life – no matter what happens… Deploy / Bribe / Army Privatization can’t confuse them, they will stick by your side no matter what, so they are a great long-term investment!

Example: Basic production bonus per Army contractor is 1% , so even getting just Tony McCheap on board at start will instantly double the original boost of your Army contractors. Bonuses are additive, so with Tony McCheap and Richie Rich on board you’d have a total bonus per contractor of 32% ( 1%basic, 1% from Tony, 15% from Richie)

Special Investors

Once you’ve collected all 10 Investors, 2 new Special Investors pop up:
-> ‘Shady Ana’ is one of the most powerful women investing in military industry, increasing production boost of every Army Contractor by an additional 300%
-> ‘Wolf of WarClicks’ – a real pain in the ass Investor always wants to turn his investment into quick profits. He adds another 600% boost to every Army Contractor


Want to make your Boot Camp production more efficient? – Use Upgrades! For an exchange of some PowerPoints, you’ll be able to upgrade your training facilities with either Production boosts or reduce their cycle time, to produce PowerPoints more quickly! There is no limits how many upgrades you can buy, so make sure to keep your facilities up-to-date.

Deploy Troops

Sacrifice your current progress by deploying your troops to get a permanent production bonus. You will start over with Boot Camp, but will progress much faster. It’s worth it ;) However, deploying your troops will RESET your units, upgrades, trainers and power points also, but will leave you Investors (lifetime purchase – never reset). Bonus is measured by attracting new army contractors, which gives you boosts in the end and it is multiplied with Investors bonuses. Be sure to buy Investors to get best boosts when deploying your troops.

Army Contractors
Contractors are working behind the scenes. You’ll never see them, but they have a massive effect on your increase of production in case of using the power they add to your boost. They can be found in Deploy Troops mode. Their meaning is to give you additional production boost once you deploy/reset your game or Bribe them.

How to gain more Army Contractors?
Army Contractor distribution is based on your Total Power Point gained. Forbeign able to picture those limits better, let’s take this example: Your currently have have 100M Power Points in Total and you are about to gain 150 Army Contractors. You decided to use Deploy Troops as a way to claim them. 150 Army Contractors now joined your army net and give you a total boost of 100K %. increased production. As you’ve picked Deploy Troops option, you’re now starting your way up from scratch, but progressing much this huge boost you just gained. You’ll now need to get at least to the point where you ended up before deploying (Deployed), and from that point on you’ll soon find new Army Contractors willing to join your Army. So, make smart decisions and pick the best choices to optimize the production of your army units to gain as much Army Contractors as you can.

How to increase a Boost per every Army Contractor?
Investors are working closely with Army Contractors and are here to help you progress through the game faster. Every Investor adds a specific % of boost to every Army Contractor you own! Investors are there to stay, they will not reset after you use Deploy Troops or Bribe, so they’re worth hiring! Hire as many Investors you can to speed up your current progress!

Current boost – Total Boost you’ve collected by using Deploy (Army Privatization reset your current boost)

Boost per contractor – Boost is calculated based on Investors multipliers giving you special bonuses (lifetime bonuses, Army Privatization doesn’t reset boost per army contractor)

Army Contractors pending – contractors you’ll receive next time you’ll use Deploy your Troops or BRibe

Gain Boost – Boost calculated based on Contractors pending multiplied by Boost per contractor


Progress faster in Boot Camp by using this feature. It’s the option where you can Bribe pending Army Contractors with Gold. Contractors will join without deploying (reseting) your current progress in Boot Camp. Bribe resets only Specialized Trainers and adds pending contractors and boosts!

Army Privatization - ‘Second Prestige’

A deeper version of Deploy that resets all Boot Camp progress (Units, Power Points, Trainers, Upgrades, Contractors; Investors remain). In turn it gives you a HUGE long-term boost that allows you to speed up through the game faster than ever! Army privatization can be first-time used once you reach 10^30 total Power Points.


Every single unit in Boot Camp has its own Milestones. For example: once you have 25 Assault Vehicles you reach the first Milestone and you receive a 2x Production boost from that time on (Deploy Troops clears Milestones) for that unit. Reaching next Milestone will give you another boost. You can check next Milestones by clicking on the icon below Score – top left side).

How Convert works?

Convert can be used one time daily in Boot Camp, to empower your War Zone efforts neither by converting current balance of PowerPoints to Score (immediate gain to climb the rankings), neither to BattleStars (long-lasting benefit, which will help you upgrade units in War Zone and progress faster on the long-run).

Need more details on Convert? Check:


As you grow your production capabilities you will climb up the hierarchy of Renown. Any renown levels reached will give you an additional boost in Power Points or even Gold. Starting as a Novice, you’ll soon start improving your position inside the army ladder, as you’ll be producing more valuable units that generate more Power Points per second.

As you climb the rankings you’ll find different colored Supply crates on the right side. Green crate represents a reward that is distributed in Power Points and the golden crate represents a reward that is distributed in the equivalent of Gold. There are currently 35 Renown titles, how far can you climb? Do you have what it takes to become as powerful as a WarLord Super Supreme is?

Tactical Map

As you bring your current Boot Camp to huge production capacity(reach 1e200 Power Points), you will be able to take over new Boot Camps, gaining additional facilities to bring up to speed that will help support your fighting efforts! *Note that after starting a new Boot Camp you can NOT access and manage the old one again.

This is especially useful as you might notice that eventually support units you generate in Boot Camp might not be enough to replace any losses you face in War Zone. These will give you huge permanent bonuses to amounts of deployed support units, as well as have a special perk & specialization which will allow you to bring these Boot Camp up to speed faster. Plus it help you support your preferred strategy of growing as well!

By starting a new Boot Camp, you will have to leave your current Boot Camp, meaning you won\'t be able to manage it anymore, as you will have to focus on managing your new Boot Camp. But your old Boot Camp, will give you permanent bonuses that will help you build up massive armies over the long term! These bonuses come in the form of permanent support units deployed multipliers (multiplicative between Boot Camps) as well as maintaining your current Boot Camp score multiplier(additive between Boot Camps), that will make it easier to protect your place amongst the score rankings.

On top of that, a fresh Boot Camp will give you vast opportunities to deploy again and often, which by itself will help you send more units to War Zone again.

The benefits of starting New Boot Camps don\'t end there – as you prove your renown in new Boot Camps from scratch, you will also be eligible for any rewards these renowns might bring, such as big gold rewards!

When you start a new Boot Camp is your choice and might depend on your strategy and ambitions – you can try and do one as soon as you reach its minimum requirement, and this way try to build up the various multiplicative bonuses as fast as possible as you reach new Boot Camps. Or you can try and reach further in it, as that will give you slightly bigger permanent score multiplier and deploy boosts the further you get to in a Boot Camp before you start a new one. And perhaps try and reach a few more renown rewards – the choice is yours!

Command Center

Command center is the hub of your production and military advancements. Here you will be able to research powerful technologies, select your preferred loadouts, buy powerful upgrades helping every area of your army and unlock useful upgrades and quality of life settings that will make managing everything a whole lot easier!

The main area of your attention here will be the research system. You will collect Research Points (RP) from various activities:

  • Reaching levels (after level 5, each level gives 1 RP, and increases by 1 every 100th level, capping at 10 RP)
  • Reaching ranks (each rank reached gives 1 more RP, starting at 1 RP)
  • Reaching renown (each renown gives 1 more RP – starting at 1 RP, capping at 5RP)
  • Collecting achievements (each achievement of the same type gives 1 more RP, starting at 1 RP, capping at 20 RP)

You can then use these Research points for conducting researches with your research teams, developing powerful technologies that you can then equip to your loadouts to activate them. Research points can also be used to buy permanent useful upgrades. You can only research new items if you have empty inventory slots or research team is not yet occupied.

As you reach further levels you will unlock more loadout slots, more research teams and more inventory slots. Inventory slots become important, as you will have to decide on combining your technologies into more powerful ones, or re-inventing them – reinventing will refund your Research Points and allow you to research again, hopefully a better technology!

Conducting researches gives you a chance to produce a technology for one of your loadout slots (Boot Camp, War Zone or Country HQ). As you conduct research you will improve your research levels, giving your new technologies higher boosts. Gaining new research level stars by requiring 3 researches, and goes up by 1 more, up to a max 10 required for a new level.

Items researched will give boosts based on your research level. However, researching a more rare technology will give higher leveled boosts (Common - +0 levels, Uncommon +1, Rare +2, Very Rare +3, Epic +4)

There are various boosts that can be researched for each technology type:
Boot Camp – production multiplier (+0.1% per level), production multipliers for L/A/W unit types (+0.1% per level)
War Zone – DPC multiplier (+0.2% per level), support multiplier(+0.3% per level), PvP power multiplier(+1% per level)
Country HQ – coming soon

Having several of the same boosts equipped in your loadout is additive, but the overall effect of loadout equipped boosts is multiplicative.

We will be adding a ton more useful boosts that can be researched in the near future!

Combine technologies

As you fill up your inventory slots you will have to either re-invent your technologies (and keep researching, hoping for a better one to be discovered by your teams – this refunds your RP but ALSO reduces your research level progress), or combine technologies of the same type (indicated by their icon and name) to clear up inventory slots.

Combining items destroys them, and makes a new stronger one (clears up 1 inventory slot), it is done in the following way:

1.) Name/type of technology will be taken, the higher rarity of the technologies will be taken, level of the highest technology will be taken.

2.) If boosts from both technologies are different, it will combine their top 3 (highest leveled!) boosts.

3.a) If one of the technologies already had 3 different boosts, and the type of top boosts did not change, then the highest leveled boost will be increased by one level, and the technology level will also be increased by one.

3.b) Similarly, if combining technologies have one boost, and its of the same type, the higher leveled boost will be taken, and its level increased by one.



Fuel is needed in attacking mode in War Zone, without it you are not able to fight. Your clicks will use 0,05% of it for every click (more if you own the Double or Triple DPC upgrade).
You can get more fuel by playing Time Challenge, Spin The Wheel, exchange BattleStars for additional 10% of fuel in menu Army Setup (War Zone) or watch some ads to get a bit more extra.


Your Total Damage per click. Sum of Basic Upgrades, Support Unit DPC upgrades, Competition Rewards, other special badges gained.


Ranks It is all about the hierocracy in War Zone. The higher the rank, the more power you will get. The way to get it is through sweat and fighting. You think you can become a Field- Marshal VII?? Then prove that you’ve got the skills and strengths to be one!
The more damage you do in War Zone, the higher ranks you will climb. Ranks grant you additional Battle Stars and Damage per Click. On top of a better status and bragging rights!


Radar is you main fighting screen, where you zoom-in on your enemies - fighting units you are attacking. Beside the enemies you have lots of options to optimize your fighting and to control your army with your smart decisions! You are in charge of the army you’ve built in Boot Camp (use Deploy Troops to send units in War Zone, as those units become your Support power afterwards), so you are taking decisions when to use those powers. Don’t forget to manage your army power inside the Army setup section properly, as it might take you further than you think.

Support Power

Power of all Support Units combined (Land, Air and Sea Units). Support Power is based on Calculation of Total units deployed to War Zone and Support Unit upgrades

It’s an important part of War Zone. Support units contribute for a sizeable portion of your Damage per Click, they also make an extremely useful damage boost when you need to pack a punch fast (i.e. Boss battles). Activate at will, but note that it is limited. Any support attacks spent will NOT be returned to you even if you fail a Boss battle. So, use those attacks wisely!

TIP: As support units fire from behind, you will have to let them know what sort of an enemy you are facing – they will deal bonus damage if you order correctly! (ex.: pick Land Units (line) inside your support power attacking screen when you are facing a Tank)

Support Power/ attack chances are unlocked when you Deploy Troops from Boot Camp to War Zone. Only 120 attacks of Support power is available per day!

Land units – A sum of all Land Units (Assault vehicle, Infantry fighting vehicle, Main battle tank, Self propelled artillery, Mobile rocket launcher)

Air units – (Attack helicopter, Fighter, Super bomber)

Sea units – (Nuclear attack submarine, Massive battle cruiser)

Army Setup

Your War Zone upgrades, manage and decide which upgrade to use in certain timing to progress faster through the game. The upgrades found here can be bought with Battle Stars and PvP points. The upgrades increase your strength in War Zone in several different ways.

Basic Upgrades - These are the must have for any soldier - they directly effect yoru DPC and how strong you are in War Zone.

HQ upgrades - Upgrade your HQ from where you control attacks on your enemies. Buy various upgrade that directly increase your DPC!

Special upgrades - currently you can find two types of special upgrades: +10% Fuel and 30sec Double DPC. Be careful to use +10% Fuel upgrade once you have less than 90% of Fuel left, to ensure your Product will add to your account in full.
30 second Double DPC is a short version of 2xDPC that can be bought in Shop and can be used for example on Boss fights – to help you beat a Boss easier or just for progressing faster through War Zone. Once you buy this product, an orange icon will be shown above Fuel stats – be sure to click on the icon to active 30sec 2x DPC.

Base DPC - Base DPC is a sum of various game upgrades/stats: Rank, Level, Hq Upgrades, Support Units

DPC MX(multiplier) - Your Base DPC is multiplied by various multipliers, which when multiplied represents your total DPC - damage you deal to units per click.

Support Units Upgrades - These are upgrades affecting support units you’ve trained in Boot Camp and sent/Deploy to War Zone. Now they are waiting for your commands and creative management. Upgrade each of the units to give you more DPC or support power.
These upgrades stack extremely well the more you deploy from Boot Camp. But don't put all your eggs in one basket - as the bonuses you get from support units upgrades are dependant on how many support units you have - and you can lose some of those every time you sacrifice in Boss Battle or lose units in pvP battles.

Support Total Power – Your support power determines how much damage each support attack will do. It is a sum of all of your support unit’s power, and when your attack focus is on the proper battle type, multiplied with a 1.5x Bonus

Total Support DPC – Your support units also contribute to your base DPC. It is a sum of all of your support unit’s DPC bonuses.

PvP upgrades - Every PvP battle you fight in, you receive PvP points. Spend it wisely on Units you would like to focus on or just divide it into all units evenly. Currently PvP upgrades multiply the power you deal in each wave of PvP battles with a specific units - but the upgrades will also be extended to have other bonuses in Boot Camp in near future updates.

Unlocks – Different types of Autoclickers can be unlocked based on your War Zone Progression - Ranks. Higher Ranks in War Zone unlocks more powerful AutoClickers (some increases firing time, some reduces cooldown, as others increases the rate of fire for autoclickers). Ultimate Autoclicker can be bought for X amount of Gold as soon as you Unlock this part of the game. This product increases the rate of fire to a max. 10 and you don’t need to wait for AutoClicker to cooldown.

PvP battles

Every 10th battle is a PvP battle that pits you against other players, and where you can win additional score and valuable PvP points.

Every PvP battle you can choose between 3 opponents. Here you can see a sum of the amount of their land, air and sea support units. The more there are, the stronger the opponent is on those type of battles.
Based on this info you might want to decide who you have more chances against against. Once you choose to fight an opponent, a random battle(land, air, or water) will be selected, where your support units will fight against your opponent.

You don't have to do anything - just sit back and watch the simulation of your generals sending your units in waves. How strong units in each waves are depends on the amount of support units of that type there are, as well as any PvP upgrades you or opponent have on a specific unit. Whoever is stronger in a wave, will win the wave, and the units will fight onwards the next wave.
Each wave units can randomly go into "berserk mode", which doubles their power that wave. As the attacker you also get a 10% power boost each wave, increasing your chances of winning.

Lose or win, you will get a PvP point which you can spend on upgrades (currently affecting only PvP battles, but will be extended to give you other boosts in War Zone as well in a future update). Losing some of your support units in these battles is unavoidable - but with a strong Boot Camp producing behind the lines and reinforcing your support units, the losses are minimal, and the rewards from PvP battles will pay off on the long run!

Read more about PvP battles in the following article:

PvP Points

PvP points are won in PvP fights and can be used to buy upgrades in the Army setup in War Zone. They allow you to specialize specific support units in PvP battles to make them stronger whenever they fights (future bonsues affecting War Zone will be added as well).

Boss Fights

Every 5th battle you will face an extremely tough "boss fight" which try to stop you in your path of progressing on the battle field.

Winning a boss fight not only grants you a path further to more rewarding battles, but also gives you a gold reward!

To win a boss fight you only have 30 seconds once starting, so make sure to give it your all to beat. Use your support power if you must, use a temporary Double DPC upgrade boost. Even double and triple DPC upgrades will have effect during them!

Note: Boss fights do NOT consume any fuel, so if you fail one you don't manage to finish it you will lose nothing - using support power or double DPC upgrade during it will be spent however.

If you do not manage to finish a boss battle - you will be given the choice to go back to previous battle(farming), and complete it over and over again, build up your Battle Stars and buy more upgrades to get stronger, or sacrifice a part of your support units to finish the boss off.

Boss fights - sacrifice or retreat (back to "farming")?

Farm mode - Retreat (Button: ‘No, Go back!’)

Not finishing a boss battle is NOT the end of it - you can choose to go back to previous battle, fight it over and over again to boost up your Battle Stars, buy more upgrades to become stronger and give beating the boss another go!

Example: Having Farm mode turned ON will prevent you to automatically proceed to a Boss battle. Instead you’ll be ‘stuck’/farm the battle before the Boss to be able to gather more Battle Stars. Note that you have to turn farm mode OFF and finish this battle before being able to fight the Boss again.

Let’s say you enable Farm mode on Battle 13, which means you will not enter the Boss fight on battle 15, but continuously fight on battle 14. Once you've decided that you’ve farmed enough Battle Stars to upgrade your powers, disable the icon and fight the boss well-prepared!


You can also choose to sacrifice a part of your Support units to finish the boss off immediately - you can lose a max of 2% of your Support units, but the more damaged the boss is when doing so, the less Support units you will lose.

While sacrificing will result in you losing a part of your Support units and via that some of your DPC and Support power, it allows you to progress further to tougher and more rewarding battles immediately.

Note that both decisions are perfectly viable - but what you choose to do is up to you and may be situationally more effective than the other - figuring out these situations is what brings out the toughest of soldiers! I'm sure you can find the strategy suiting you best!

More details on Boss fights:


Badges you receive for reaching some game limits and can be later on found in your personal Achievements or on your public Profile, so others can see your progress. For every single Achievement you get, you will be rewarded with BattleStars.

Daily missions

Missions are led by MasterClicker, who gives you opportunity/commands to resolve daily challenges/missions. He is willing to give you rewards for completing them ;) Try to resolve them and get some benefits to progress faster.

Daily missions appear on the 2nd day of Fighting in War Zone. Every day you will have an extra option to Earn more Gold by completing Daily Missions. You will have a chance to pick one out of two available Daily Missions that suits you best. It affects your predictions on your ability to complete a specific mission, but don’t worry you are never losing anything if you decide to go with a Mission, so it is just a Bonus if you can complete it. Once you choose a Mission that best suits your ability, you will need to complete it within that day or you won’t be able to collect Gold as a reward.

More on missions:

Activity Rewards

EVERY day you can claim a juicy reward, which gets bigger and bigger... And on 7th day there's an even bigger surprise reward for you to claim.

Mini Games

Time Challenge

A mini-game which helps you collect more fuel to continue fighting in War Zone. You have 30 seconds to collect as much Fuel as possible by clicking on a button ‘Click’ (in the center). We recommend you to use Time Challenges when you have 40% (or less) of Fuel, because you can collect max. 100% of Fuel in Total. That’s how you’ll maximize your chances of collecting as much Fuel as possible per one chance. Every day you’ll have 5 chances to complete Time Challenges, and you can get more chances by Spinning the Wheel.

Keep in mind that the Fuel is needed to attack your enemies and to destroy units, but not needed in Country Invasion. The minimum battle requirement for Time Challenge is battle 9.

Spin the Wheel

Every single day you will get the chance to try your luck by spinning the wheel. It doesn’t cost you anything, but can get you some impressive rewards.

Country Headquarters(HQ)

This is where you will collaborate with your countrymen to become as strong and recognizable as you can as a country! There are several things you can do for your country with more to come in future updates (like Country vs Country fights!):

FIGHTING INVASIONS is one of the core activities that requires group effort to progress in as every player gets only 3 chances per day to attack enemy bases – and especially when you are faced with tougher „break the line“ battles it will need help from everyone! It is one of the core activities that not only helps your country progress as a whole, but also gets you huge spoils that will allow you to become stronger in War Zone.
Every invasion you beat will add to the overall spoils of the country and then the next day you will get a share based on your damage ratio contribution during that day. (note if no invasion is beaten in a day, damages will rollover to the next day until at least one battle is finished).

Convert Spoil Points

You can then convert these spoil points to a considerable amount of Battle Stars (depending on your progress in game – conversion rate is based on your current upgrade costs in War Zone). To ensure you get the best conversion rate make sure to fight in invasions at least 3 times before converting every time, as otherwise you will get a lower convert ratio. Fighting more than 3 times will give you a slight boost in reward ratio – but note that amounts are relative to your current game progress, so best not wait too long before converting!

What else can I do in Country Headquarters?

You can always buy some additional attack chances to help your country progress faster and also increase your spoil share.

From HQ you can also access VOTING where important decisions are made, see your and your country's stats, as well as see a short summary of all the main things happening in your country on the message board!

For more information on how any of the HQ works, or details on numbers/formulas, please feel free to reach out to us on reddit in this post.

Voting is an important aspect of how your country will progress – here you can help take important decisions on where to focus your country\'s upgrades on, if you should spend country treasury gold on air strikes, or who to attack in Country vs Country fights (coming with a future update).

Helping make smart and fast decisions will help not your country as a whole, but also translate to bigger rewards/spoils for your own progression – so make sure to participate regularly!

Country members that reached a certain in-game rank(7) have the right to Vote on important country decisions!

There are a few strategic decisions waiting for you to vote on. It all depends on what strengths your country wants to focus on.

There are several types of upgrades that might be available to VOTE on:
- Base clicking force per user – increases the base clicking force for every user in a country (starts at 1)
- Spoil Points spoils increase – increases the spoil points given out by destroying a base (by default ~ base_health/30)
- Break The Line Health reduction – reduces the health of Break The Lines fights, making them easier to complete

Choose your country's strategy correctly and you will gain an edge over your opponents!
* Winning country upgrade is determined by majority vote at the end of voting period. (Council holds 75% of the decision power)
IMPORTANT: Country upgrades are bought with Country Treasury and not from personal balances of players!

Break the Line battles can be tough to beat, and might take a lot of your country's time and resources to beat.

By spending a certain amount of gold from your country treasury your country can choose to order an Air Strike and obliterate the base immediately!
*All base spoils WILL still be added (Spoil points, gold per user, treasury gold)

Voting ends with majority decision when at least 40% of overall voting power (country users active in CI in 7 days) was voted. As this is a time-sensitive decision 85% of the overall decision power is of the council.

If a „NO“ vote is accepted, a voting will NOT be restarted for the same battle.

Voting power

EVERYONE gets a say in voting, but the hierarchy is important to ensure the hasteness and quality of decisions! As such, your say („VOTING POWER“) in these decisions DEPENDS ON a few factors:
a) Your rank – every rank gives you 1 voting power
b) Your country donations – every 100 donated gives you an extra 0.1 voting power (on top of gaining an extra 0.002 CF multiplier!)
c) Being within the country council (top 20 users by voting power) will also give you additional voting power multipliers in votings

What is a Country Council and who are country Council members?

Every country has its own Council for the purpose of making fast decisions, such as using Air Strikes or so.

Council members are players that have the most Voting Power in their country. They ensure their Council positions by fighting in War Zone (to improve their Ranks), or Donate to Country Treasury.

MAX. Country Council members is set to 20.

Why bothering to get inside the Country Council?

Some players like to get inside the Council just to show-off on the rankings of most powerful Voting members inside the country, others have more serious intentions of taking significant impact on country decisions.

If Council Members didn’t take any Invasions in last 7 days, they automatically fall off the Council. They have the chance to get back inside by taking at least 1 chance of Invasion.

The difference of being a Council member or not being there is that you’re getting extra Voting powers just by being inside the Council. It’s worth it!

How is Voting % distributed?

To ensure hastiness and quality of decisions council members will have a certain percent of say:
In country upgrades 75% of the decisions will be theirs. Thus is council is unanimous on a decision it will be taken. If not, then the rest of the members can easily help swing the decision. In case of Air Strikes, a council will hold 75% of the decisions, as taking a decision quickly is beneficial to everyone. Giving Council more power also ensures that new or uneducated members can't „by mistake“ help make the wrong decision :)

To ensure fairness between countries, voting costs are slightly adjusted to amount of active users within a country (more users = higher cost.

Voting options

Voting options are in case of Country Upgrades created up to twice a week – every country gets the same types of votes to vote on, but might have different „levels“ of an upgrade type, based on their existing upgrades. One of the voting options is always a free option, but a country can choose to spend some treasury gold for stronger upgrades. Since these votings are limited, it is usually best to try and gather enough gold for the best upgrade possible!

IMPORTANT: if a country's final decision is on an upgrade costs gold, and the country does not have enough gold in their coffirn at the time of when voting ends, the upgrade will not be added (not even the free one!). So always make sure you have enough gold in the coffirn when voting ends (applies to air strike decisions as well!) - if there is not enough there will be an indicator, in which case make sure you rally up your countrymen and try to get some donated each to help to the cause – Remember that everyone donating will also get extra clicking force multipliers and voting power on top of doing everyone within the country a huge favor!


Invasion participation is one of your core duties! Participating in invasions will not only help your country progress as a whole, but also grant you big rewards/spoils! The more you participate and the more damage you do, the bigger the spoils you will get.

Every defeated enemy base will add spoil points to your country's spoil pool which are shared every day (if at least one base was defeated).

Daily you will get 3 chances to fights for 30 seconds, but you can always buy some extra with your gold, to help your country out as well as getting a bigger damage and spoil share for yourself!

You can convert the spoil points to significant amounts of Battle Stars from the HQ.

Clicking Force

Your damage per click you do to Enemy Bases & 'Break the Line'.

What has a direct impact on your Clicking Force?
- Your Personal RANK inside the War Zone
- DONATIONS to Country Treasury

It is calculated as:
CF = (1 + ∑CountryUpgradesCF) x RankMX x DonationsMX;
(RankMX .... rank # * 0.1; DonationsMX ... Total_donated/100 * 0.002)

Break the line

Every 5th base is a super strong “Break The Line”, which on completion will also add a 100 gold reward to every user who participated during that day, on top of adding a huge chunk of gold to the country's treasury!

Break The line battles, if not defeated by the end of the day will heal 10% of their remaining health (this can happen a maximum of 3 times, before it stops healing completely), so it is ideal for your country to try and combine forces and destroy it! Or decide via voting to order an Air Strike and destroy it immediately for a gold fee charged from your country's treasury. It can be well worth the gold to ensure your country can keep progressing and collecting more spoils!

To ensure fairness between countries, Base healths are slightly adjusted to amount of active users within a country (more users = bigger base health). Similarly Boss Gold rewards are also increased.

Air strikes

If Break the Line is too tough to beat, a Country can, in exchange of some Gold (from Country Treasury), decide to use Air Strike which completely destroy 'Break the Line' so all of the countrymen can progress through such Base immediately! (Air Strikes can be decided via Voting page)

Country vs Country (CVC)

Who can play Country VS. Country battles?

Users reaching battle 39 have access to fight CVC battles.

What are CVC battles? ...and how to fight...

During weekdays there are Country vs Country battles, where each country is put into a tier based on their "active user power" (based on their users\' Clicking Force), and amongst the tiers each country is able to vote on which country to attack the next day (there are 3 random countries within a tier offered).

So, on the "first-day" country users vote on which country to attack. At the end of the day, results are known and the next day is the "fighting day/battle", where all "fronts" are revealed to countries. So, a country has an attacking front and potentially several defending fronts (based on how many countries within a tier decided to attack them that day).

User can only fight on one front every battle, so if a country has several fronts open they have to coordinate with other countrymen on how to best distribute their forces in order to win as many fronts as possible.

Setting moves/ Changing Fronts/ Front Strategy

After choosing a front user has to check the front and set up "moves/strategy" of how he\'d suggest the fight to go in a small tile-based strategy, which will make up the actual battle, where the winner is decided – more details inside the Battlefield section.
After choosing the Front, user\'s power is added to the Front information, which is visible to both: countrymen and the opponent immediately.
Users thereafter have a chance to change the front, where they\'ll be able to set "time of arrival" for the change, which will alleviate any timezone advantages for all users.
But by doing the first selection immediately users within a country are able to do the basic coordination more easily, and also use it as a diversion for the opponents, which might affect their own front distribution decisions.

For fronts, there is information on how many fronts the opponent has open, as well as how many reinforcements (user front changes) are still arriving to that front, which will add a "surprise/diversion" effect to the strategies of the countries, and still maintain some relevant upfront information for the country. This is extremely important as it reduces the need for spying via multi-accounts, or the "timezone pressure", where users are "forced" to wait until end of the day to "make the ideal move". 
At the end of the day, all front moves are final, and based on best voted battlefield decisions (tiles) from the front players, the battle happens.
Each country is able to attack another country each day, and at the same time vote on which country to attack the day after that.

Rewards for the country

For winning a front the country gets a "full gold reward" added to their treasury and also have their Spoil points reward bonus increased.
'The country will also fill their "spoil points pool" which will be shared to all battle participants, based on their clicking force relative to overall country\'s.
'Should they not win, they will get a percentage of the gold reward, based on how much damage they would otherwise do to the enemy.

Rewards for the user

For each front a country fights, it is filling its pool, which is then shared as base spoil point reward for each battle participant based on their relative CF compared to overall country CF. It is multiplied additionally by any users\' reward bonus, country progressive SP bonus, and "user front suggestion" bonus.
This suggestion bonus is based off how the strategy moves user suggested would result in the final battle result (i.e. were buildings hit by air strike, would mines hit the tanks, would building intercept a tank...), giving the user additional % SP reward for that.
By being active every day in CvC fights, user also get a capped progressive reward bonus, which will diminish if a CvC fight is missed.

Balancing fights – dynamic adjustments, rewarding

To ensure CvC battles are fair and interesting to everyone, there are several dynamic mechanics to ensure all users and countries can get a great experience, and ensure countries are incentivized to fight new enemies and choose their opponents carefully.
Firstly, there are attack/defend and reward bonuses for attacking stronger countries within your tier.
Secondly, to avoid "country ganging" and "farming", there are dynamic defense and attack boosts for losing att/def fronts, where every time a country loses a def/att front, they will gain a progressive def/att bonus.
This will prevent cases where countries could pile up on a country consistently, preventing them to ever win attacking or defending. This way the strongest country within a tier will not always be dominant consistently, and the weak countries will always be able to pack a surprising punch as well.
With country rewards, there are additional boosts for attacking/Defending stronger countries, to incentivize countries to try and win the most difficult fronts. As every front won brings additional rewards countries are incentivized to win as many fronts as possible. And as country\'s winning fronts will also bring benefits to the player, players are incentivized to make their best decision and help their country win. Selfishness is not punished, but is not rewarded either. Do your best and you\'ll help yourself and the rest of countrymen as well!

Spoil Point rewards – balance adjustment mechanic

Spoil points are getting a whole new meaning with CvC! We wanted to use the opportunity of adding CvC to help resolve some balance issues of the game, and make both Country HQ & invasions & the upcoming CvC more relevant to the rest of the game. This is possible because Country invasions and CvC are "consistent" and allow us to reward some things that other features of the game make much harder to control.

How to get Spoil Points?

*Spoil Points are generated within the Country Headquarters (on Invasions and within CvC):
  1. Deal as much damage as possible in Country Invasions every day
  2. Participate in Country vs. Country fights (open CvC within Country HQ, chose front to fight on and than set your fighting formation on the Battlefield)


The battlefield is a 8x5 tile map, separated into defender and attacker side. Defender has HQ at the end, that is attackers goal to destroy. Defender\'s goal is to either destroy the attacker or deal enough damage so that the attacker can not destroy their Headquarters (HQ), before their "air strike reinforcements arrive".
Hint: Open Tutorial button at the header of the Battlefield to check on how-to play it

Each front user suggests various decisions/tile placements:

As attacker:
- 3 tanks, one per row, which will move and attack in a straight line.
- 5 air strikes, which will at beginning damage any enemy buildings they might hit.

As Defender:
- 3 defensive buildings, one per row, which will attack/prevent any tank from moving further (1 square forward and diagonally) until either are destroyed.
- 5 Defense bombs, which will at beginning damage any enemy tanks they might hit.
- 3 Mines, which if a tank drives over damages them.

Strength of the units/Defensive buildings is based off the overall Clicking Force (CF) of the country fighting on that front.

Based on the most voted/selected strategy moves from the front players, the fight commence:

1. First airstrikes from both sides are launched
2. Then attacking units begin to move, stopping after getting to HQ or encounter a defensive building/ unit
3. If a defensive building is destroyed the tank moves forward
4. If a tank goes over a landmine it is damaged
5. Any tanks that reached the HQ, have a few seconds to destroy it and win, before the defenders air strike reinforcements arrive and destroy the attacker completely

Battle replays with all statistics and details can be found in Yesterdays Results category, where every battle on the battlefield (from yesterday) can be replayed!

Yesterday's results

All country users can check what fronts their country fought yesterday and see the replays of the actual fights with all the battle statistics and details.

Here you can also check about the rewards and country acomplishements from yesterdays battles.

There is more → you will also be able to check fights from other countries, study their strategies, moves and try to counter them once your country faces them!


Countries are usually divided into some groups according to a specific comparative data. On War Clicks we called those groups ‘Tiers’ and we divided countries according to its total powers – Total Clicking Force (CF).

Why Country Tiers were implemented?

Tiers were created so that about equally powerful countries can fight each other in a more competitive manner.

How can I improve my country rankings and how to reach stronger Tier

Countries are divided according to its Clicking Force (CF), so you will need to improve your personal CF stats and work together as a team with the whole country to become stronger and to increase its Total power (CF).

Stronger players in your country can help you reach higher rankings, so do your best and try to keep them focused and motivated.

Alliance fights

Alliance fights take place every Saturday & Sunday!

How to EARN yourself an ENTRANCE TICKET for the ALLIANCE Fights? (requirements to play)

There are 2 ways of how you can earn the right to fight in Alliance Fights:
  1. Become a Council Member of your country and qualify directly
  2. Play Actively and participate in Country VS Country battles at least 3x during the week of the fight
*Council member – Top 20 members of your country based on the Voting power

While weekdays are Country versus Country (CVC) fights, weekends are reserved for spicing things up via alliance fights!
This is where your country will not matter anymore, as all players will be pooled together into two sides for a massive battle.
Players are randomly distributed into 2 teams based on users' CF (evenly matched teams) but you need to earn your place each week. Only the best and most active players can earn a spot to fight next to the rest of the elite!

What will the fight be about?
Every Saturday new alliance teams will be created, where one will defend and the other attack and on Sunday the roles will be switched. All alliance members get access to their alliance team chat, where they can connect and discuss with other alliance members their strategy to win. The fight will unfold similarly as CVC battles.

Why bother to play Alliance fights?
For winning, all alliance members receive an "alliance star" which serves as a trophy of their strategy making skills, as well as grant a permanent 1% DPC boost! On top of this Spoil Points will be distributed based on player Clicking Force, similarly as in CvC battles. This will spice up the competition every week and connect players from all countries in a common goal of winning over the opponent and make it a generally fun event to mix players in a fun mini weekly event! Do you have it what it takes to win with a random group of soldiers over and over again?


A great Tool every player of War Clicks should Daily use. By completing some simple tasks, such as for example, Complete 2 Time challenges, Use 1 chance in Country Invasion, Check Video Ads, Spin the Wheel, Collect Daily reward; you are able to receive great rewards to progress faster through the game. Once completing all Daily Tasks, be sure to collect the rewards!

Bonus (video)

Don’t forget to check for any video bonuses you might get by clicking on video button icon in the bottom right just at Daily Task and Shop icon. You might get 2x Production boost for 4 Hours in Boot Camp or some Gold/Fuel in War Zone to support our future game development ;)

Hint: This boost is worth using, as it might help you skyrocket your progress! ;)

Free Gold

A great way to gather some free Gold is by completing simple tasks, watching videos, …Icon can be found near Video Bonus icon in the lower side of the game. Great fact about Free Gold is that our partners are constantly adding new offers, tasks to complete, videos to ensure you get lots of different options to gain more Gold, which is important to be able to use some powerful items from the Shop as a reward!

Hint: if you’re out of offers for a specific day, come back the next day and check if there is something new for you!

Legend of large numbers

Additional help-tool; in case of misleading meanings of some value representing a specific group. As we believe it is important to understand the power and the meaning of those marks, we created a complete list to better understand the game/ numbers and to play/decide about most important decisions easily!

User Profile

Here are most of your playing stats stored. You might switch between War Zone and Boot Camp stats to check your progress or other highest results. Check how experienced of a player you are, as you’ll find here all of your trophies won – special badges. Are you interested how your friends / colleagues / competitors are making such great results on the rankings? Feel free to find them based on their username to check about the details of their playing. As you start the game, you are given a default profile picture. But, why not change it? Check more about the profile customization:

Shop & Products

Gold Packages

If you run out of Gold or you just want to progress through the game faster, you are able to buy some extra Gold by picking your best Gold Package.

Starter Kits

Best combination and value of Gold & Products can be purchased in this type of special offers. There are different types and values, but every time we are giving out our best possible offer! According to the value and the price, definitely worth buying! One-type of Starter pack can be bought only one-time!

First time Gold Buyer?

For everyone that are not feeling great to spend their cash on Regular Price Packages, we created a special Product for First-time Buyers only! Exclusive one-time offer with lots of Gold for an awesome price! That’s surely something you can’t miss out on! What are you waiting for?? Stock up on Gold!

Free Gold

A great way to gather some free Gold by completing simple tasks, watching videos. Check out what’s there for you!


Double/Triple Damage per Click – 2xDPC/3x DPC

Double/Triple DPC is an additional tool to help you fight with more power in War Zone. It doubles/triples DPC and Fuel consumption per click. It also affects your DPC against Boss (which don't consume any fuel), and clicking force in Invasion!


Reduces waiting period between tries for Time Challenges to 5 minutes.

Unlock all TCs

By buying this item, you will remove all waiting times that can be found between all time-challenges for specific time, depends on type of product you buy. It does not give you unlimited TC chances – you are still limited by the (5) daily TC chances every day.

Time Warp

Speed up time in Boot Camp from 3 hours to up to 4 days and immediately gain HUGE pile of PowerPoints.


Bribe and attract pending army contractors to join your cause without deploying (reseting your progress; Bribe resets only Specialized trainers). Your pending contractors will turn into active ones.

... new Shop Items are COMING SOON!

Premium Features

Would you like to change the background of your current gameplay? You have this option! Wallpapers can be found inside the Shop – Premium section . Currently, there are different options available for the War Zone & Boot Camp and can be acquired by Gold. New wallpapers are coming SOON, be prepared! ;) Wallpapers have visuals effects only!

Would you like to have Silver or Gold Cursors instead of just basic ones? In comparison with Wallpapers, Cursors have also a production boosts while picked! Silver Cursor gives you visual change and EXTRA +1% boost on Damage per Click (DPC) in War Zone, Gold Cursor: +2% boost on DPC!

Refer a Friend

Do you have a lot of friends playing games?
Share your customizable link (referral link) with them and Earn yourself more Spin the Wheel chances or extra GOLD as they reach at least level 5 in War Zone.

For those who want to get serious in promoting the game, we already prepared game banners you can share on your blogs, on forums (as your signature) or you can use a combination of your referral link and gameplay picture (get pictures/videos here: ).

Weekly Competitions

Every Monday new competitions are going on. Just by playing the game you are participating in those rankings. By playing the game and participating in competitions you are able to win Cool badges with powerful boosts.
More details on How competitions work:
Competition tables: Your country Stats:


Every registered player has its own public profile, you can also check or find your friends/other soldiers as well. To check their progress, tactics, achievements or other stuff.


General you can always rely on. MasterClicker is official icon/mascot of the game ;) It will help you with your gameplay, give you some tips to play, lead you through some functions to help you make better and faster progress in game. Keep on listening to him, it’s worth it! ;)

Manually Saving Progress

Manually Saving Progress

Save button was implemented for a reason that you use this option in case you get some technical problems and don’t want to lose your current progress. For now, you are able to save your game progress manually max. every 30 seconds. Switching between Boot Camp and War Zone saves your progress automatically, you don’t need to additionally save your progress.