WarClicks is an incremental game where you train and upgrade your troops, manage and optimize your troop production and then fight your way through tons of battles to progress through the game. It is a game with unlimited progress potential and also idle game progression. It is a perfect fit for both players who like to constantly do something but also for those who like to play for short periods and still get a great experience!

If you have never played a game of similar genre before, you should definitely try it out as there's something uniquely attractive to the special way these games are played!


What is the meaning of WarZone and BootCamp?

Warzone and BootCamp are completely different worlds connected with each other. Warzone world is active part of the game where you fight in battles to gain BattleStars, beat your enemies and reach higher rankings. It requires a lot of your attention to progress.
BootCamp is a passive part of the game, where you progress even while you're away, not playing the game. When you get back into a game it calculates how much PowerPoints your troops made while you were away. So, upgrade your units wisely to optimize your Boot camp as much as you can to gain the most PowerPoints out of it.

Keep in mind that both worlds are connected with each other. While you are training your soldiers/units, your PowerPoints are rising, meaning that your army is getting stronger and stronger day by day. To be able to use your progress in BootCamp you can use function Convert (two times a day). There are different strategies to use in both worlds, especially how you decide to use the parts that connect to shape your gameplay!



Main currency in BootCamp, defines your current progress and power of your units trained. PowerPoints can be used to hire trainers, to buy upgrades or simply to buy more units in BootCamp.


To automate/optimize your progress of single unit you can hire Trainers, to help you train units faster than you can. Trainers can be bought by spending PowerPoints.


Investors are strictly connected with Deploy Troops mode, because they give you additional production boost of all army contractors by specific bonus. Buying Investors lasts for life and is not cleared once you Deploy your Troops.

Deploy Troops

Sacrifice your current progress by deploying your troops to get a permanent production bonus. You will start over with BootCamp, but will progress much faster. It’s worth it ;) However, deploying your troops will RESET your units, upgrades, trainers and power points also, but will leave you Investors (lifetime purchase – never reset). Bonus is measured by attracting new army contractors, which gives you bonus in the end and it is multiplied with Investors bonuses. Be sure to buy Investors to get best bonuses when deploying your troops.

Army Contractors

They can be found in Deploy Troops mode. Their meaning is to give you additional production boost once you reset your game/deploy.

How Convert works?

You can use Convert two times/day, to empower your Warzone efforts neither by converting your current progress to Score (immediate gain to climb the rankings), neither to BattleStars (long-lasting benefit, which will help you upgrade units in Warzone and progress faster on the long-run).

Bonus (video)

Don’t forget to check for any video bonuses you might get by clicking on video button icon in top menu of the page. You might get 2x, or even 4x Production bonus to support our future game development ;)

Unit cycle

Cycle needs to fill up, to give you all production value of specific units in some time. In other words, with every single cycle you gain Power Points – power that has been generated in specific time to make your army stronger. You can later Convert PowerPoints directly into Score or to BattleStars.

Production value

Value of PowerPoints you get once cycle is finished.

Reduce cycle

By reaching some milestones or by buying upgrades in BootCamp you are able to reduce timing of your cycle by 2X or even more.


Every single unit in BootCamp has its own Milestones. For example: once you have 25 soldiers you reach the first Milestone and you receive a 2x Production boost from that time on (Deploy Troops clears Milestones) for that unit. Reaching next Milestone will give you another boost. You can check next Milestones by clicking on number of specific units, below unit icon).

Buy 1x/10x/100x/max

This button can be found in BootCamp to help you customize buying units, neither to buy just single unit, neither to buy in bulk. It helps you to save some time.



Main currency in Warzone with which you can buy upgrades to destroy units faster. You also have the possibility to buy Fuel or Double Damage per click (for 30 seconds).


Fuel is needed in attacking mode in Warzone, without it you are not able to fight. Your clicks will use 0,05% of it for every click (more if you own the Double or Triple DPC upgrade).
You can get more fuel by playing Time Challenge, Spin The Wheel, exchange BattleStars for additional 10% of fuel in menu Upgrades (Warzone) or watch some ads to get a bit more extra.

How can players collect Gold?

Gold can be collected only in Warzone (but can be furthermore spend in both worlds) by resolving daily missions in Warzone, defending your country, collecting Gold drops, trying luck in mini-game Spin the wheel, participating in Country Invasion, sharing your referral link by promoting WarClicks to your friends and family.

When players get BattleStars?

BattleStars can be collected by reaching specific limits of the game (to get more details check your Achievements) or by participating in Country Invasion, defending your country.


Badges you receive for reaching some game limits and can be later on found in your personal Achievements or on your public Profile, so others can see your progress. For every single Achievement you get, you will be rewarded with BattleStars.


Every registered player has its own public profile, you can also check or find your friends/other soldiers as well. To check their progress, tactics, achievements or other stuff.

Refer a friend

If you find yourself as a good promoter/marketer or you just have some friends or family that you think that they would play WarClicks, don’t hesitate to share your referral link amongst them. Once they reach 5, 10, 15,25 level, you will get a reward!


Upgrades in WarZone helps you get more power (DPC) to destroy units faster.


General you can always rely on. MasterClicker is official icon/mascot of the game ;) It will help you with your gameplay, give you some tips to play, lead you through some functions to help you make better and faster progress in game. Keep on listening to him, it’s worth it! ;)

Daily missions

Missions are led by MasterClicker, who gives you opportunity/commands to resolve daily challenges/missions. He is willing to give you rewards for completing them ;) Try to resolve them and get some benefits to progress faster.

Mini Games

Time Challenge

A mini-game which helps you collect more fuel to continue playing Warzone. Keep in mind that fuel is needed to attack your enemies and to destroy their units. Minimum level requirement for Time Challenge is level 2.

Country Invasion

Country Invasion is another mini-game where you can collect Gold or Battle Stars by attacking military base. All players from the same country are able to attack together here, war spoils depends on their damage done by attacking enemy bases.
Every player has 3 chances per day to attack, in case your countrymen already complete the mission, you still have chances to store your damage.
In case you will need some help to complete missions, you can use button Invite friends, to help you progress through even missions faster.

Spin the Wheel

Every single day you will get the chance to try your luck by spinning the wheel. It doesn’t cost you anything, but can get you some impressive rewards.


In Warzone you can collect special rewards EACH day, week, month. It rewards you for your continuous playing as the rewards/Battle stars get higher and higher if you collect them each day ;)

Double Damage per Click – 2xDPC

Double DPC is additional tool to help you fight with more power, but it’s limited for 30 second. Once bought in menu Upgrades, then can be manually triggered when you decide it is time for it, neither you have some strong battles you want to finish faster or to help you defend your country, destroy more units of your country attackers. There are also other types of special upgrades, which can be exchanged for Gold in Shop - Double and Triple Damage per Click (lasts for some days, depends on package bought).


Be sure to complete defend every day, because it is strictly connected with your Score/rankings. If you will not be able to defend your country you will lose some Score. But if you will manage to defend it, you will get rewards: 20 Gold and some Battle Stars. Defend battles are triggered every single day, so be sure to come back frequently to avoid losing your Score. However, you also have the possibility to somehow lock your defend to not lose your Score. In that case, you need to go to Shop and in exchange of some Gold buy Vacation mode.

Shop Products

Vacation Mode

Having Vacation mode turned on means, that you will not lose Score while not being active on Warclicks. In other case, you lose Score if not defending your country.


Function in WarZone that automates your clicking. Every single day you get 4 packs of Autoclicker for free, additional packages can be bought in Shop.

Time Challenge (TC) Unlock

By buying this item, you will remove all waiting times that can be found between all time-challenges for specific time, depends on type of product you buy. It does not give you unlimited TC chances – you are still limited by the (5) daily TC chances every day.

Defend Unlock

Item which removes waiting times between all defending battles for a specific time, depends on type of product you buy.


Manually Saving Progress

Save button was implemented for a reason, that if in case you get some technical problems and don’t want to lose your current progress. For now, you are able to save your game progress max. every 30 seconds. Switching between BootCamp and WarZone saves your progress automatically, you don’t need to additionally save your progress.