Participate in our competitions for bragging rights and win cool badges with powerful boosts!

Bragging rights and cool rewards? It's a needed part for keeping morale high out here, and to keep a healthy fighting spirit for everyone!

It's why the army has organized weekly competition events, where soldiers compete against each other in many categories, to determine who is the toughest soldier out there. Only the most resilient soldiers can get to the top, but can you also stay there?

Competition is fierce, and there are always new recruits joining - for whom we have special competitions, where those who can catch up fastest and have the ultimate strategy will pick the weekly titles!

So join in on the competitions, participate weekly and climb the rankings! It's worth it to fight as we will reward you with badges of recognition, that will not only look cool in your profile and give you bragging rights, they also come with special permanent boosts to your BootCamp and WarZone progress!

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TOP players by SCORE

Rank Username Country Score Reward
Poland 3.95e90
United States 2.37%
United States 1.82%
4. Beyond88
Poland 245.98$
5. druth8x
United States 1.63$
6. Pimpelmuckel
Germany 9.90@
7. RVV
Russia 4.35@
8. SiLeNtE
Russia 3.57@
9. Profesor
Czech Republic 2.31@
10. BaarLun
Germany 2.01@
11. johnehuber
United States 887.45!
12. just1c3
Finland 834.88!
13. MistaX
United States 814.03!
14. andrew333
Poland 666.17!
15. Koiso
Portugal 631.17!
16. Bzdocha89
Slovakia 272.48!
17. Lafule
Germany 115.72!
Poland 106.95!
19. meckdahl
United States 103.28!
20. Meff_THFC
United Kingdom 56.96!
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